Nutrition and Weight Loss

Nutrition and Weight Loss
The foundation of our nutrition and weight loss program is education.  We emphasize a whole foods approach to diet, eliminating fake and processed foods.  We encourage a plant slant meaning we strive for a high fruit and vegetable content to support a high vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant intake.

Nutrition Education Courses:

8 Week Course:

Session 1: Weight as a health problem, measuring body fat, BMI, waist circumference, Macro vs Micro nutrients

Session 2:

12 Week Course:

Session1: Intro, weight as a health problem, measuring body fat, BMI, waist circumference, stages of change

Session 2: Macro vs Micro nutrients, reading nutrition labels, serving sizes, food guide pyramid, food dairy, meal planning, goal setting

Session 3: Facts, Myths, and Half-Truths of Nutrition, Blue Zones

Session 4: Benefits of Exercise, Types of Muscles, Types of Exercise, Counting Steps

Get in Motion!
Get Moving! Along with a high nutrient diet, we also encourage you to get your body in motion.  For some, that might start with one lap around your house.  For others, that might be signing up for a 5K race. We encourage setting small goals and working your way up to bigger goals.

We do use medication to help with weight loss in certain situations.  It is not our first choice because often there are behaviors and food addictions that need to be dealt with first.  There are often serious, long term side effects with weight loss medications.  We choose to use these medications only when the benefit outweighs the risk.  This is a decision made jointly between you and our provider.